AMPER 2018 – Thank-you note

We believe that you enjoyed our stand at the AMPER 2018 and felt comfortable and relaxed, but most importantly that you got all the information you need for your projects and applications. We hope that we have fulfilled your expectations, won your favour and that you will turn to us in the future with your problems and concerns.

We will find a solution tailored to your requirements and possibilities. We want to be the instrument of your success!

Photos of the ATEsystem stand:

At the fair, we introduced a portfolio of our products and services, such as:

Camera system with 3D Camera

The system is based on the principle of laser triangulation; it checks the product's faultlessness with accuracy up to units of microns.

3D cameras and sensors from Automation Technology (only in Czech)

Systems for car headlamp inspectiony

  • Inspection of light functions of LED headlamp modules
  • Inspection of headlamp parts’ presence
  • Detection of protective paint presence on the cover glass

Camera systems - typical applications
System for detecting the presence of protective paint

Controller for Basler ace camera and motorized lens

Suitable for transport and outdoor applications; the controller can remotely control aperture, focus, zoom and IR filter.

P-IRIS controller

Camera system with four-chip line camera JAI Sweep+

For exceptionally high quality interpretation and colour accuracy, for example, when checking prints, textiles, "endless bands".

JAI Sweep+ camera (only in Czech)

Products developed in ATEsystem

  • Camera housing with protective air curtain for difficult working conditions
  • Current source for LED modules power supply
  • Connector block for easy connection of Basler ace camera and an illuminator

ATEsystem products

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tel.: +420 595 172 720

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