Current source for LED testing – CS-035

We have already informed you about the product developed in our company - Current source for LED power supply We now have the 2nd version for the current range of 25 - 350 mA that has very low ripple of the input current which ensures minimal brightness fluctuations during optical tests. 

Current source is designed as power supply and test equipment for single LED or strings (modules), which does not contain circuits for current regulation. Control via text commands allows setting the required LED current and then measuring the current voltage. For both current and voltage there are adjustable limits which prevents exceeding LEDs maximum ratings.

Key features

  • New variant CS-035 with current range of 25 mA – 350 mA
  • Very low output current ripple (<2 mA at 350 mA) – minimal brightness fluctuations during optical tests
  • Output voltage up to 50 V
  • Ethernet interface for control from a PC
  • Compact dimensions, DIN rail mounting
  • Easy integration into the tester
    • Text communication protocol
    • LabVIEW driver for download

More information about both versions of the product can be found here: Current source for LED power supply

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