New model of our Current supply – Low Range

We developed a new model of our successful product Current supply – “Low Range” variant. The current supply CS01-035 is especially suitable for applications which require a very precise setting of the current in a small range.

urrent supply CS01-035 – very precise current setting in a small range

The current supply is designed for powering and testing individual LEDs or strings (modules) without its own electronics providing current regulation. Control is enabled via text commands and allows setting the required LED current and then measuring the current voltage. Current and voltage can be effectively limited to prevent accidental exceeding of the limit values of the connected LEDs.

In addition to the mode with a connected PC, the source can also be operated in autonomous mode. The required current and voltage and current limits can be simply preset and stored in the memory of the supply source. The source is then started using the digital input. The test result (OK/NOK), signalling whether the given LED module is within the specified limits, is displayed as a digital output.

Key Features of the CS01-035 “Low Range” Current Supply

  • Power supply for LEDs and light modules
  • Adjustable current – two ranges: 25 mA – 350 mA
  • Output voltage up to 50 V DC with 24 V DC supply
  • Measuring the current flowing through the LED
  • Coding resistance and NTC measurement
  • Ethernet interface for control vis a PC
  • Text (ASCII) communication protocol
  • Autonomous mode of operation – control via digital inputs and outputs only
  • Visualisation of the power supply status via LEDs on the front panel
  • Possibility to use several sources for control of parallel LED strings with a common anode
  • Minimal current ripple and thus fluctuations in LED brightness during optical tests
  • Minimisation of current oscillation when LED short circuit occurs
  • Overheat protection
  • SW DeviceConfigurator and device controller for LabVIEW available for download

All parameters and more information about the Current supply CS01-035 can be found on our online shop >>

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