New product: Ministat - web statistical app

Ministat is an easy and yet powerful web-based statistical application available from all computers in the local network without any software installation. The application runs on a server which is usually shared with the database where the data is collected.

Thanks to the graphical display of the data, the application Ministat provides a quick overview of the changes in the monitored production parameters at any time and so greatly helps to detect significant changes in production quality or stability in a timely manner. Graphs and statistics can be exported to user-defined print reports (such as automatic use of a company page header), allowing you to efficiently create documents that can be used, for example, in planning, analyses or audits. You can also browse and search the data very quickly at the level of individual manufactured items, which makes it possible for the application to be used in task such as solving complaints about specific products.

The application runs on standard Google Chrome, MS Edge and Mozilla Firefox web browsers.

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