New product: P-IRIS controller for transport systems (ITS)

Introducing P-IRIS controller developed by ATEsystem. It is a control unit for lenses with stepper motors (P-Iris) and an interface designed for the functional connection of motorized lenses and Basler ace cameras. It allows you to electronically control focus, zoom, aperture and IR filter.

Product control P-IRIS Controller is provided via standard RS232 serial interface with a text protocol. Another option is provided by Basler ace cameras with a modified firmware that simulates the UART communication interface on the digital output.

We deliver the P-IRIS controller in a set with Theia TL1250P motorized lens with a resolution of 12 megapixels, optical format of max. 1/1.7“, focal length of 12-50 mm and working distance of 2 m to infinity.

The set includes the control unit of the controller, Basler ace camera (type depends on the specific application), Theia TL1250P lens, aluminium holder for easy installation and LabVIEW driver (available for download on the product page). Text communication protocol is available in the product's data sheet .


The combination of P-IRIS Controller with the Basler ace and Theia TL1250P can meet the needs of almost all transport applications in terms of optical properties, image resolution and quality. The P-IRIS controller can be used in both small-detail applications (Automatic Number Plate Recognition - ANPR) as well as in large FOV applications (such as multiple road lanes) under different lighting conditions. The IR filter can be also used with infrared auxiliary light at night.

Other examples include the use for toll systems, monitoring of intersections, section speed control and other applications.

You can find more information on the product page – P-IRIS Controller.

P-IRIS controller photos:

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