NI CLA Summit Madrid 2018

Certified LabVIEW Architect Summit took place in Madrid on 13 - 15 February. During this annual event, representatives of National Instruments met with LabVIEW architects from around the world, primarily from Europe. Unlike previous years, LabVIEW developers were not only present but also involved in sharing information, experiences and knowledge with their product users. The spiritual father of the summit, Jeff Kodosky, who presents new features of the program every year, also attended the event. This year's theme of working effectively with LabVIEW and in teams was supplemented by parallel branches that included information about the existing LabVIEW NXG.

ATEsystem s.r.o. also had a representative at the conference – Pavel Kodytek, the world's youngest LabVIEW architect. Thanks to the experience and contacts gained from previous years and participation in the Vienna Summit in 2017, this year’s attendance was rather active: since Pavel is the author of LabVIEW - CLAUDIE_xlsx library, a spot was reserved for him as a speaker. His presentation introduced ATEsystem s.r.o. to the audience from the technical field and under the title of "Future of Humankind” he presented technical solutions provided by our company and discussed the possibilities of using artificial intelligence in common applications along with theoretical analysis of concepts and issues.

We thank Pavel Kodytek for representing our company.

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