Seminar: Modern Methods of Image Recognition and Processing 2018

We invite you to the sixth edition of the seminar on Modern Methods of Image Recognition and Processing 2018, which is held on Wednesday, 12 September 2018, at the Technical University of Liberec. The seminar will bring together experts and people interested in image processing and machine vision for complex industrial applications.

As part of the program, experts from the academic community as well as private companies operating in image recognition and processing will have their presentation. The ATEsystem brand will be represented by colleagues from our subsidiary, ATEsystem Jablonec s.r.o., who will attend the event (at 11:55 and 15:25) and present 3D measurement and 3D vision guided robot.

The seminar also includes a presentation of companies that will present specific technical and software solutions. ATEsystem will also have a stand here.


The Seminar "Modern Methods of Image Recognition and Processing 2018" has already taken place – here is a link to the presentation of our colleague Naďa Havlíčková from ATEsystem Jablonec s.r.o., a few photos and also a link to the website of the Technical University in Liberec where you can find other photos and presentation from the seminar.

PDF presentation Vision Guided Robot in 3D.pdf - created by Ing. Naďa Havlíčková, ATEsystem Jablonec s.r.o. (in Czech)
Link to seminar website - photo gallery and other presentations (in Czech)

Photos from the seminar:

Updated 24 September 2018


Technical University in Liberec
Building G, Univerzitní náměstí 1410/1, Liberec
(auditorium G312)
GPS: 50.773225N, 15.076125E


  9:00 Opening 
           doc. Ing. M. Kolář, CSc. - FM TU in Liberec
  9:10 Processing Raw Data from the Microbolometer Field
           Ing. M. Rozkovec, Ph.D. – FM TU in Liberec
  9:35 Application of Bin Picking Using Sensor Fusion 
           Ing. V. Hotař, Ph.D. – FS TU in Liberec
10:00 Cognex Camera Application News 
           P. Bártík – APPLIC Liberec
10:25 3D Camera Measurement 
           Ing. P. Růčka – ELCOM Ostrava

10:50 Coffee break

11:05 Navigation of Autonomous Robots - a Practical Point of View 
           Ing. D. Herman – RCE systems Brno
11:30 Detecting defects through visual inspection 
           Mgr. P. Šmíd – Pekat Vision
11:55 Cameras and 3D 
           Ing. T. Gřeš - ATEsystem Ostrava
12:20 Use of Deep Learning Methods in Computer Vision in MATLAB 
           Ing. J. Jirkovský – Humusoft

12:45 Lunch

13:45 3D Scanner for Bin Picking in Robotics
           J. Vereš – Photoneo, Slovensko
14:10 Intelligent systems from in Terms of Ethics and Law
           Mgr. A. Krausová, LL.M. - Ústav státu a práva AV ČR
14:35 Learning Image Classifiers for Machine Vision Applications 
           Ing. O. Havle, CSc., MBA – FCC průmyslové systémy
15:00 Beyond Boundaries of Spatial and Temporal Resolution of Cameras 
           doc. Ing. F. Šroubek, Ph.D. DSc. - ÚTIA AV ČR
15:25 Vision Guided Robot in 3D 
           Ing. N. Havlíčková - ATEsystem Jablonec

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Link to the seminar at the Technical University of Liberec (in Czech)

Leaflet: Modern Methods of Image Recognition and Processing 2018.pdf(in Czech)

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