The "test cell” for machine vision applications

In addition to designing and delivering systems and selling cameras and machine vision components, every now and then we also deal with delivering complete machine solutions, including structural elements. In this case, we have designed and built a "cell" for testing vision systems and robotic applications for the Academics.

The purpose of this robust construction made of aluminium profiles, which we call the "cell" due to its shape, is a flexible space in which any camera can be placed at any angle. The floor is made of solid aluminium plates and its loading capacity is more than one ton. The reason for the robustness of the floor structure was a customer's requirement that the cell should also be prepared for the future assembly of a massive robotic arm.

The customer also required that vibrations from the robot should not be transmitted to cameras hanged on the structure. This is why the cell floor is separated from the rest of the structure. The structure and the floor part of the cell stand on separate anti-vibration feet (4 for the peripheral structure and 12 for the cell floor). Each floor and structure leg can be individually adjusted in terms of height, making it easy to level the entire structure. The connection of the floor part with the rest of the structure is solved by eight silent blocks so that vibrations are not transmitted from the floor to the cell structure.

The ceiling part of the cell is equipped with nine lights, ATE-light from our production, which can be operated independently and can illuminate the entire cell area or any of its parts.

The installation also includes an electrical cabinet where the light switches are located and from which the cameras are also powered. Everything is finished with a single power supply cable to a standard 230V socket.

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