We will be attending AMPER 2020

UPDATE! AMPER 2020 was cancelled by the organizer due to the Covid-19 epidemicAMPER.

As you probably know, the AMPER 2020 trade fair was postponed by the organizer and will take place as AMPER 2021 in the standard deadline (16 -21. March 2021). In connection with Covid-19, we have taken some measures (we have limited customer visits, we work from home and some others), but we continue to work and offer you standard services in the field of machine vision. Do not hesitate to contact us! We can connect via video call to resolve your issues.

Come visit our stand at AMPER 2020. As every year, we will present news from the world of machine vision and our portfolio of products and services We will introduce you to the new and unique e-shop of cameras and components for machine vision!

The next year of the AMPER trade fair will take place soon. We invite you to visit our stand No. 4.12 in hall V. Once again, we have live demos and news in our portfolio ready for you. You can also view our unique e-shop of components for machine vision and visual inspection!

AMPER 2020

28th international trade fair of electrotechnics, energetics, automation, communication, lighting and security technologies

Date: 17.-20. March 2020

Venue: Brno Exhibition Centre

You will find us: Hall V, stand No. 4.12

We will introduce new releases of 2D and 3D industrial cameras, special lenses, illuminators and machine vision systems from world-class manufacturers such as Basler, JAI, SVS-Vistek, Computar, Kowa, Theia, Opto-Engineering a many others.

Come and see the new e-shop of cameras and components!

Live exhibits

As usual, we will present several live exhibits:

  • Aera scan camera Basler ace for Camera Link and framegrabber Silicon Software – Inspection of plastic granulate
    Detection and counting of defective pieces of semi-finished products for the plastics industry in real time. The industrial camera, together with a suitable lens and lighting, captures the image of the product and transfers it to a computer where the captured image from the camera is then processed using machine vision software. If you need to evaluate a large number of images per unit of time or respond quickly after obtaining an image, processing a large amount of data on a PC can be a bottleneck of the system. The work deals with image preprocessing directly on the FPGA framegrabber and subsequent final evaluation of the visual inspection on a PC.

  • 3D sensor Automation Technology C5-2040CS18-38-2X – Example of 3D reconstruction with high resolution of the captured moving scene 
    This sensor uses the principle of laser triangulation with one laser line, through which the entire surface of an object is scanned. The unique feature of this type of sensor is that it scans the laser line from two sides, so it can also see shaded areas of the object.

  • HDMI demo – Live preview without the need for a PC 
    Compact set (plug-n-play) of 4 cameras and a switch that allows you to monitor the output of all cameras simultaneously on one screen. A simple image digitization with a direct HDMI connection to a monitor or television that allows up to 4 images from 4 different cameras to be displayed on one monitor, between which you can switch similarly as with surveillance cameras.

  • Basler camera portfolio
    This demo shows diverse portfolio of area scan cameras from Basler ace as well as new Basler ace 2 series, with unique features of Pixel Beyond and Compression Beyond, Basler Boost cameras for CoaxPress interface and also new Time-of-Filght Basler Blaze cameras. We will show you some innovative functions that can be used in cameras and excellent image quality of the latest sensors.

  • Fastest 45 megapixel camera JAI Spark SP-45000-CXP4-F with telecentric lens Opto-Engineering (ø = 20 cm!) 
    Camera set for product inspection in very high resolution with very fast frequency.

  • and others.

You can also see the products developed in ATEsystem laboratories.

We can provide you with a voucher - a one-day ticket to the fair free of charge.

Arrange a meeting at a specific time with a particular person. Contact us!

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