P-Iris Controller

Key features

  • Aperture, zoom, and focus control with stepper motors
  • IR filter switching - both day and night use
  • Can be used with Basler ace Classic and ace U product series with a sensor size up to 1/1.7“, CS-mount and resolution up to 12 Mpx
  • Delivered with Theia lens:
    • Theia TL1250P – Focal length 12–50 mm
    • Theia TL936P – Focal length 9–36 mm
    • Theia TL410P – Focal length 4–10 mm
  • Communication interface:
    • RS232 – standard design, galvanically isolated
    • UART – designed for Basler ace with a special firmware, which will allow the digital output of the camera as a UART
  • Supply voltage 12–24 V DC with galvanic separation
  • Aluminium holder for easy installation
  • Application especially in transport systems (ITS), such as toll systems, tracking of failing to stop at a red traffic light, or segmental speed measurement
  • Text communication protocol, LabVIEW device driver available for download

Product description

The P-Iris lens controller with a stepper motor is an interface designed for the functional connection of motorized lenses and Basler ace cameras. It allows you to electronically control focus, zoom, aperture and IR filter. Standard RS232 interface with a text protocol is used for its control. Another option is the Basler ace camera with a modified firmware that simulates the UART communication interface on the digital output.  In this case, there is only one cable for image data transmission and lens control, because the transmission of control commands from the PC takes place over Ethernet. The camera also serves as an Ethernet - UART converter.

The controller is delivered in a set with the Theia TL1250P lens (resp. TL936P or TL410P). The combination of these two components makes it possible to cover almost all transport applications, both in terms of optical properties and image resolution and quality. With the ability to control the zoom in 12–50 mm (resp. 9–36 mm or 4–10 mm) focal range, focus and aperture, this solution is designed for small detail applications (such as vehicle registration plate) or for capturing a large field of view (such as multiple lanes) under different lighting conditions. The IR filter can be also used with infrared auxiliary light at night. This illumination can be very precisely synchronized with the camera via digital camera output. Thanks to the new generation of Basler cameras, you can even use the resolution of up to 12 Mpx.

The hardware is adapted to the dimensions of Basler Ace cameras and is a compact unit designed for installation in a device or camera housing. Aluminium holder includes mounting holes with 1/4“ tripod thread and M8.

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Product parameters

Supply voltage
12–24 V DC
Current consumption with TL1250P lens
230mA max. – 12V DC
130mA max. – 24V DC
Minimum recommended power source
Communication speed
9600 Bd
Dimensions of electronics
82 x 50 x 15 mm
Dimensions of the set (max.)
107 x 71 x 52 mm

Parameters, product sheets and downloads will be updated soon. If you are interested, please contact us.

Ordering information

The minimum functional set is the lens 10980007 along with the electronics 11350000. The camera is always selected to fit the particular application; for a consult and help with selection contact please ATEsystem s.r.o. Individual components (camera, electronics, lens) can be attached separately or use the mechanics 69982000, which was designed for this purpose.

Order number Name
P-Iris Controller - electronics
Lens Theia TL1250P
P-Iris Controller - mechanics


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