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The "test cell” for machine vision applications

In addition to designing and delivering systems and selling cameras and machine vision components, every now and then we also deal with delivering complete machine solutions - in this case the "test cell" for testing vision and robotics systems.

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The change of the registered office of ATEsystem Jablonec s.r.o.

Our subsidiary ATEsystem Jablonec s.r.o. will change to August 1, 2019 its registred office. From now on you will find our colleagues from ATEsystem Jablonec s.r.o. in the building of Palace Jablonex – JBX Business & Logistic Center.  

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We have become a certified SUALAB's partner a SuaKIT's integrator

ATEsystem has established cooperation with SUALAB, the leading supplier of machine vision solution based on deep learning algorithms. ATEsystem employees have undergone comprehensive SuaKIT training.

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Company profile

ATEsystem designs and builds systems for visual inspection and machine vision and distributes cutting-edge cameras and components from world-class manufacturers.

We deliver our products and services to most areas of industrial production, transport, research institutes and laboratories. We provide above standard technical support and consultancy in solving issues related to the design and implementation of comprehensive image analysis projects.

We respect the wishes and needs of our customers and strive to achieve maximum satisfaction and to build long-term partnerships.

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