Camera systems specialists

We offer complex services in machine vision and camera systems, supplying components made by the world’s leading manufacturers.

Thanks to our unique know-how and experience, our experts can design tailor-made solutions.

ATEsystem services

Our services and solutions have been successful for almost 10 years. We develop our own machine vision tools, but also supply camera components made by all the world’s leading manufacturers. We provide tests and feasibility studies, camera loans and solutions consulting. As part of our complex services, we provide our clients with information about the functioning of computer vision and image processing.

Custom camera systems

We develop and deliver comprehensive camera systems for visual inspection and machine vision. Increase the speed and efficiency of your product control.

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Feasibility study

Send us samples for testing. Based on the results, we will suggest the parameters and specific components of the camera assembly.

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Product development

We offer unique components for machine vision, measurement and testing developed by ATEsystem.

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Expert training

Learn the principles of computer vision and image processing. Courses, seminars and workshops on the topic of machine vision.

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Částečné omezení provozu v období vánočních svátků v roce 2021

Dovolujeme si Vás informovat, že v období vánočních svátků, tj. od 23. prosince 2021 do 3. ledna 2022 nebude firma provádět obchodní transakce ani vystavovat účetní doklady. Posledním dnem, kdy bude možné provádět obchodní...

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ATEsystem has supported the Green Light acceleration program

We have become a supporter of the Green Light acceleration program. This program is focused on business suppport and is organised by the Innovation Support Centre of the VSB - Technical University of Ostrava.

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ATEsystem s.r.o complies with the ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016 international standard

We were awarded a quality management system certificate in the field of design, development, production and maintenance of automatic test equipment and supply of camera system components according to the ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016 standard.

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Company profile

ATEsystem designs and builds systems for visual inspection and machine vision, distributes cutting-edge cameras and components from world-class manufacturers.

We deliver our products and services to most areas of industrial production, transport, agriculture, food industry, research institutes and laboratories. We provide above standard technical support and consultancy in solving issues related to the design and implementation of comprehensive image analysis projects.

We respect the wishes and needs of our customers and strive to achieve maximum satisfaction and to build long-term partnerships.

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We will find a custom solution for you