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The flexibility of the ATEsystem significantly reduces our costs

As a machine learning research and development company, we were looking for a value-added partner who would use their expertise in vision and camera systems to help select the right solution to meet our goals.

The company ATEsystem s.r.o. he is a professional in this field, he understands the issue, and his team of experts willingly helps us both in the concept phase with measurements and the selection of a suitable camera solution, as well as in practice based on feedback in operation.

The company ATEsystem s.r.o. together with us, he perceives long-term goals, and willingly lends samples of camera systems in the research phases for testing in practice. This flexibility significantly reduces our costs in the research and development phase and allows us to choose the most suitable vision solution.

Most distributors behave in a market-like manner with the aim of selling as soon as possible and focusing on the next order. ATEsystem s.r.o. perceives that long-term cooperation with a partner leads to much more interesting opportunities. He is not afraid to embark on innovative projects, and in addition, he has a high added value in the form of a partner with knowledge of the issue. For the above reasons, we have not had the need to approach another partner since our existence until today. Cooperation has already paid off for us several times, and it is precisely partners such as ATEsystem s.r.o. enable us to fulfill our company's ML/AI goals.

David Hláčik
Solution Architect
HLÁČIK s.r.o.

Frost, heat or shocks are not a problem

We were looking for a partner to recommend and supply us with a suitable combination of hardware. It was necessary to deal with demanding conditions such as frost, heat, shocks, 24-hour operation and all this in a very short time.

At ATEsystem, they immediately took the initiative, helped with the preparation of the prototype and lent everything needed. After verifying the concept, they took care of the timely delivery of the necessary amount of hardware for series production. The new cameras enabled us to synchronize image data more accurately and, thanks to the uncompressed image and global shutter, significantly higher quality photos during shocks.

If you are developing any more advanced product using machine vision that requires industrial quality processing, I can only recommend cooperation with ATEsystem.

Filip Matzner
Co-founder & COO
Iterait a.s.

They exceeded our expectations

We have started implementing several projects with ATE and we are constantly surprised by their approach, which is always completely professional, extremely flexible and almost perfect in terms of software processing.

We are very impressed with the extraordinary flexibility with which ATE fulfills our data evaluation requirements. We have never had any company be so proactive and quick to respond to our needs. We appreciate the contribution provided by ATE ministat for data collection. This tool has become a fundamental advantage for our process of creating statistics, reports, conducting investigations and handling complaints.

Anyone who needs an excellent supplier of camera and evaluation systems should not hesitate.

Ing. Radim Karafiát
Team Leader Process Engineering