Cameras and components

The department of cameras and components deals with the distribution of cutting-edge industrial cameras and other machine vision products from world-class manufacturers. We are an authorized distributor of BASLER a JAI cameras for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We are also an official distributor of components for a number of other leading manufacturers in machine vision and visual inspection. We provide above-standard technical support and expert advice.

Distribution of cameras and components for machine vision

ATEsystem portfolio includes leading manufacturers of industrial cameras, lenses, filters, illuminators, communication cards as well as other hardware and software. We are an official distributor of brands such as Basler, JAI,  SVS-Vistek, Automation Technology, Photonfocus, National Instruments, Schneider-Kreuznach, Kowa, CCS, Effilux or Silicon Software. Take a look at the list of our suppliers.

Technical support and consultancy services

Apart from the sale of cameras and components for machine vision and visual inspection, we also offer: 

  • design of components suitable for a particular application
  • feasibility study
  • tests on samples from customers
  • testing rentals of cameras and components
  • training in machine vision

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Sale of cameras and components

Cameras and Components Tel.: +420 595 170 472

Technical support

Lukáš Richtár Tel.: +420 730 871 653, +420 595 170 472