Measuring and monitoring systems

Within the system integration department we also develop and deliver systems for automated measurement, recording, evaluation and display of physical quantities both in laboratory and production environments.

Automation of measuring brings significant benefits to customers:

  • speeding up the adjustment of all measuring instruments and reading measured values,
  • reducing measurement errors by eliminating the human factor from the measuring chain,
  • the option of recording the measured quantities into the corresponding data files for subsequent processing or archiving.

Automation of evaluation allows you to perform various types of processing above the measured data:

  • statistical evaluation,
  • mathematical evaluation,
  • identification of non-standard states,
  • adhering to or exceeding permitted limits,
  • finding the information for which the measurements were made.

We will design, implement and commission an automated system built on proven advanced technologies and provide the customer with the appropriate training and technical support in operating these systems.

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We will find a custom solution for you

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