Custom visual inspection systems

In System Integration department of ATEsystem, we develop and deliver systems for visual 2D and 3D inspection and machine vision. Based on computer-processed image information from the camera, we evaluate the product's faultlessness within the manufacturing process.

What inspection tasks can our industrial machine vision systems manage?

  • Material surface inspection, inspection of shape and curvature
  • Inspection of the completeness of the products during production, the correct positioning of the parts and the overall faultlessness of the assembly
  • Very precise measurement of dimensions (such as height, width, depth, diameter, internal dimensions) - 2D scanning or 3D laser triangulation
  • Inspection of thermal paste, glue and similar materials application
  • Inspection of colour, detection of transparent paint layers on a transparent material (such as car headlamps)
  • Inspection of marking, optical character recognition (OCR), reading a barcode / QR code and their monitoring in the production

What else can they do?

  • Check the light functions of LED headlamp modules
  • Collect and evaluate information for robot guidance and control
  • Track quantity and batching of input material
  • And many other tasks

Automating inspection processes will result in streamlining the product control in each stage of the production. It's a fast return investment.

What will visual inspection systems allow you?

  • Early detection of defective (NOK) pieces in each production phase
  • Faster quality inspection with a disproportionately lower error rate than a human eye
  • The option of installing the system also under difficult working conditions
  • Inspection of defects that are not recognizable to the human eye

What are the benefits of installing the industrial camera system?

  • Improving the inspection of products in the various phases of production
  • Increasing inspection speed and overall production productivity
  • Reducing the cost of inspection processes
  • Fast-return investments in modernizing production

Take a look at our camera systems solutions.

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We will find a custom solution for you

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