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Automation Technology

Automation Technology is a world leader in the development and production of 3D cameras based on laser triangulation. 3D cameras achieve excellent measurement accuracy up to a thousandth of a millimeter, depending on the size of the subject being shot.

The maximum frame rate is in tens of thousands of profiles per second. To achieve such high levels, several unique technologies are integrated in a camera. Automation Technology's industrial cameras achieve an excellent price/performance ratio. Cameras meet the GigE Vision and GenICam standards, so they can be used in a variety of machine vision and image processing applications.

Automation Technology 3D Camera with IP67 protection

3D Automation Technology cameras are designed for industrial use even in difficult environments. The highest precision is provided by models with a horizontal sensor resolution of 4096 points. With vertical resolution constraints, high-speed models can achieve the rate of up to 71,000 profiles per second. When scanning spatially complex objects, the cameras can be equipped with a Scheimpflug adapter to achieve ideal image sharpness across the scanning plane. Cameras can be purchased either as a kit (3D camera, bar laser, holder) - C2 and C5 models, or as a complete laser sensor in a compact case – CS-C5. A number of accessories, including precision brackets, cabling, connectors, and calibration software, are delivered with cameras.

ATEsystem s.r.o. is an official distributor of Automation Technology for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We provide complete service and upgrade of industrial cameras from our suppliers. We provide above-standard technical support and consultancy in solving problems associated with designing and implementing complex projects. Our services include the design of a camera suitable for a particular application, sample tests, and the option of borrowing products for testing.

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