PS/2 keyboard emulator

Key features

  • Simulation of pressing any key by using a command sent to the serial port
  • Receiving data from two hardware keyboards with PS/2 communication interface
  • Forwarding data from both connected PS/2 keyboards to a PC
  • Displaying communication between keyboards and a PC in a terminal

Product description

The PS/2 keyboard emulator allows up to two standard hardware keyboards to be connected to a host PC; both are active at the same time and can be used without switching. For example, a host PC that is a part of a technology/production line control system can be operated from two different locations. At the same time, it is possible to simulate pressing of any key using the command sent through the serial port from master PC. Thanks to this feature, older technologies that lack other communication capabilities can also be upgraded and enhanced with a superior control system.

For example, production quality control with cameras and image processing, where simulated keystroke replaces an operator at the time of detecting a defective piece or other problem. The communication between the host PC and the keyboard can be monitored by listing individual key codes on the serial port, making it easy to debug the entire system.

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Product parameters

Name Value
Supply voltage
24 V DC ±10%, galvanically isolated from RS232 and PS/2
Current consumption
max. 100 mA
23 x 54 x 85 mm
Communication interface
PS/2, RS232 - galvanically isolated from PS/2
Communication protocol Text ATEsystem - see datasheet


File name Version Size
Datasheet (CZ) 6 May 2019 485 KB
Datasheet (EN) 6 May 2019 430 KB

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