Inspection device for the production of automobile headlamps

Camera systems used for visual inspection during production. The system detects the presence, correctness of parts and completeness of the product during assembly.

Production test samples of car headlights are used to check not only the functionality of the headlamps or their parts, but also during inspection when assembling individual parts of the headlight. Following parameters are monitored: the presence, the correct type and position of the parts, as well as the faultless installation of the assembly.

  • Traditional (bulb) or progressive (xenon discharge lamp, LED, laser) light sources
  • Testing of AFS (Adaptive Frontlighting Systems) and LWR (Headlight Levelling System)
  • Testing of startup process of xenon discharge lamps (burn-in test)
  • Inspection of LED array homogeneity and color
  • Identification of faulty LEDs (changes in color and brightness)
  • Setting of color and flux bins (harmonization of color and brightness of LED arrays)
  • Inspection of LED turn indicator stepping by a high speed camera (wiping)
  • Inspection of matrix front lights (limitation of driver glare)
  • Part presence inspection during assembly
  • Unique inspection of hard coating and anti-fog paint layer on headlight cover glass
  • Measurement of headlight electrical parameters
  • Communication with the lamp via CAN or/and LIN bus

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