Inspection of thermal paste or glue and compound application

Camera systems for checking the application quality on the base part on which the electronic part is subsequently deposited. The purpose is to check the amount and distribution of the paste.

Quantity is indicatively measured by a paste profile projection to a plane at a known viscosity, which proves to be sufficiently fast and reliable for the purpose of production control.

The basic part of the camera system is a proper lighting, which makes the paste or glue visually separated from the material to which they are applied. Together with the illuminator, the camera is mounted on a robotic arm in the immediate proximity of the paste applicator so that it can use the positioning of the robotic arm for an optimal alignment of the camera and lighting during a test. This type of camera system is usually equipped with a Basler ace camera, which is due to its miniature dimensions suitable for robotic applications. The camera system stores the scanned data including camera recordings into the system for production monitoring and data collection.

System parameters

  • Measurement of the dimensions, shape and accuracy of the thermal paste application
  • Recognising dimensions and defects of 0.1 m
  • Archiving images of inappropriate pieces for later analysis
  • System cycle more than 1200 units per hour
  • Communication with the parent PLC system

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