Camera & light trigger cable

Key features

  • Very simple light trigger with digital camera output
  • Simplification of wiring, no need for another switching element – for example DIO cards
  • Designed for Basler ace GigE cameras
  • Standard industrial M8 connector for light and power supply
  • The length of each cable from the junction box is 1.5 m. The total length of the Y cable is 3 m.

Product description

The cable is used to connect the illuminator's trigger input to the programmable output of the camera and at the same time to power the light and camera from one sensor connector. Before connecting, it is always necessary to read the documentation for the camera and the illuminator to see if a reduction can be used. This product should primarily be used with Basler Ace GigE Series cameras. The most common supply voltage for the illuminators is 24 V, so it is necessary to choose cameras that support it.


Order number: 69980000


File name Version Size
Datasheet (CZ) 3 July 2018 450 KB
Datasheet (EN) 21 September 2018 440 KB

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