Current source for LED testing

Key features

  • Power for single LED or light modules
  • Adjustable current output – two range options
    • 25 mA – 350 mA
    • 100 mA – 2 A
  • Output voltage up to 50 V DC with 24 V DC power supply
  • LED current measurement
  • LED voltage measurement
  • Binning resistor and NTC measurement
  • Ethernet interface for PC control
  • Text (ASCII) communication protocol
  • Autonomous mode of operation – controlled just with digital inputs and outputs
  • Source status signalization with LEDs placed on front panel
  • Possibility of powering several current sources for control of parallel LED strings with common anode 
  • Minimum current ripple and LED brightness fluctuation during optical test
  • Low current overshoot while shorting LED
  • Overheat protection

Product description

Current source is designed as power supply and test equipment for single LED or strings (modules), which does not contain circuits for current regulation. It is possible to set required current and measure voltage on LED with simple text commands. For both current and voltage there are adjustable limits which prevents exceeding LEDs maximum ratings.

In addition to standard mode with PC communication, current source offers autonomous mode too. Required current and limits are set before testing and stored in memory. Tests are started with digital inputs; current source then evaluates if the LED module is in range of limits and signalizes the result (OK/NOK) with digital outputs.

For modules containing more LED strings with common cathode it is possible to use simultaneously several current sources and set their currents individually. For current regulation the anode voltage is changed while cathode stays at the same potential.

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Product parameters

You can find product each variants on our e-shop in the category Power supplies >> (Czech language only).

All parameters and their tolerances are listed in the catalog sheet.

Parameters of discontinued models can be found in the relevant catalog sheets.

Parameter Value
Product CS01-035 CS01-200
Output current range 25 mA – 350 mA 100 mA - 2 A
Output voltage (1) 2 V to 50 V DC
Supply voltage 24 V DC ± 10 %
Max. input power (2) 25 W 125 W
Idle power without load 4 W
Inrush current 40 A
Measured values output current, LED voltage, NTC, binning resistor
Output current ripple (3) 100 mA: < 0,5 mA p-p 1 A: < 5 mA p-p
350 mA: < 2 mA p-p 2 A: < 10 mA p-p
Binning resistor measurement range 600 kΩ - 13 kΩ
NTC measurement range 1,5 kΩ - 23 kΩ
Communication interface Ethernet 10Base-T/100Base-TX (Auto-Sensing)
Communication protocol textual (see user manual)
Output capacitance < 1 nF
Current regulation technology linear
Protection overpower and overheat
Mounting DIN rail (EN 60715)
Dimensions 101 x 120 x 62 mm (without terminal counterparts)
Power supply and output connection screw terminals
Weight 450 g
  1. In practice the maximum voltage is reduced by the regulation reserve - see chap. 5 in datasheet
  2. Supply voltage 24 V. Actual power consumption depends on output current and parameter settings.
  3. Provided the same temperature of source is maintained.

Ordering information

Order number Product code Description
60263010 CS01-035 Current source for LED testing, 25 mA – 350 mA
60263002 CS01-200 Current source for LED testing, 100 mA – 2 A
801400000 CS-035 - Discontinued Current source for LED testing, 25 mA – 350 mA
60263001 CS-200 - Discontinued Current source for LED testing, 100 mA – 2 A

The new successors CS01-035 and CS01-200 replaced the discontinued products CS-035 and CS-200. the main difference is in the range of coding resistance and NTC measurements.

Package list

  • 1x Power Supply
  • 2x MC 1.5 / 2-STF-3.81 Connector
  • 1x MC 1.5 / 5-ST-3.81 Connector
  • 1x MC 1.5 / 6-ST-3.81 Connector


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