Universal camera holder with heat sink

Key features

  • Universal holder designed for 29 x 29 mm cameras such as Basler Ace, Ace2 a dále kamery FLIR, IDSAVT-MAKRO, Opto-Engineering – COE, LUCID, JAI GO a GO-X
  • Suitable for Gigabit Ethernet i USB 3.0
  • Reduces the operating temperature by up to 10 °C
  • Reduces thermal noise of the camera and so improves the image quality
  • Improves the durability the camera and its smooth operation
  • In limited space, the holder can be used separately without the side heat sinks
  • With ¼“ tripod thread

Product description

Universal camera holder with heat sink consists of four aluminum parts, which are fastened together by screw connections. The heat sinks side panels have milled ribs to maximize the cooling surface. Thanks to oversize, the heat sink is also suitable for POE cameras that are characterized by higher power dissipation. The surface finish of all parts is black matt elox, which increases scratch resistance while improving cooling efficiency by radiating heat to the surrounding area.

The camera holder with heat sink is designed to be easily used with the standard Balluff fastening system. For this purpose, 12 mm diameter mounting rod is used, which fits perfectly into the fasteners. It is also equipped with a "tripod" thread for easy installation.

Technical specification of the holder:

Technical specification of the heat sink:


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Product parameters

Name Value
Dimensions without mounting rod
10 x 29 x 51 mm
Dimensions of the heat sink 53,6 x 39 x 51 mm
Mounting rod length x diameter
30 x 12 mm
Camera front dimensions
29 x 29 mm
Weight 35 g

Product variants

Order number Name
62025001 Camera holder
62025003 Heat sink for holder
62025004 Manderl for holder and heat sink


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